Kindergarten Lessons

My puppets and I will spend time visiting your child’s classroom and will be sharing on a variety of topics. All of our lessons are presented in alignment with our Character Education program and/or along the guidelines of the Virginia Standards for School Counseling Programs. 

Topics in First Round
  • What Is a Feeling? - We will discuss what a feeling is and that all feelings are okay. We will learn that people can feel differently about the same things and that we must respect the feelings of others
  • Angry Bodies - As a continuance of lesson #1, we will learn how anger changes the way we feel and how to release anger in a healthy way, which includes talking out our feelings
  • Teamwork - Your child may tell you about Mrs. Van Sickler’s bunny factory… We will look at what happens in the real world when “teammates” don’t cooperate and do their job… and then view the story of “Swimmy” and see how he uses the concept of teamwork to help solve friendship problems
  • Listening Skills - We will learn why listening is an important part of everyday learning as well as a vital part of conflict resolution- we will discuss ways to improve our listening skills and review what to do if someone is distracting us in the classroom while we are trying to learn
  • Brainstorming - Is there more that one way to solve a problem? You bet! We will define the word “brainstorming” and review how to use alternatives to help find a solution to all kinds of problems. We will read the story “Christina Katerina and the Box”, which illustrates to us how a young girl solves a bully problem by using her brainstorming.

Topics in Second Round

  • Bad Days - We will discuss what to do when you’re having a “bad day”- everyone has one now and then! We will read “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible No Good Very Bad Day” and brainstorm ways to solve problems when things go wrong… we will do a mock “bad morning preparing for school” and look at how many things could go wrong for all of us.
  • Responsibility - You will hear about a visit from Barney the sheepdog (one of our largest puppets). We will be talking about the meaning of the word “responsibility” and how it applies to taking care of pets and helping around the house. Your child will make you a “job pocket” so that they may begin to demonstrate to you the meaning of the word responsibility.
  • Growing Up - Our discussion will address how children “bloom” at all different rates, and that we should be patient with our skills as we all grow and develop. Emphasis is on “being yourself” and not comparing yourself to others. We will watch a video entitled “Fish is Fish” by Leo Lioni and see what happens as one friend becomes jealous of what another is able to do.
  • Emergency Situations - In this lesson we will discuss what to do when you find yourself home alone, lost, or approached by a stranger. We will offer the children an opportunity to use a “phone” to dial 911, and talk about this very important number. We will also discuss what to do if approached by someone who touches them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. Please review with your children your own house “emergency rules” and let them know how you would like them to respond to emergency situations. 

If you would like more information on any of the above topics, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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