Second Grade Lessons

During the school year I will be visiting with second grade classrooms guidance classes to introduce and cover a variety of topics. The guidance lessons have been presented in accordance with our Character Education Program and/or along the guidelines of the Virginia Standards for School Counseling Programs.

  • I Care About Me - we will spend two weeks working together on a discussion of self care and being our own "personal best"- we will put together a graph which identifies 11 ways that we need to care for ourselves in order to stay healthy.
  • The "I Message" Train - we will learn what an "I" message is and how it can be appropriately used to help solve conflicts in a healthy way. The children will role-play responses to bully-like behaviors in class and practice using the "I message."
  • Recognizing Feelings - students will discuss the importance of correctly identifying feelings in an effort to solve conflicts and manage social situations. Our topics will include respecting the feelings of others, identifying what makes our feelings change, and how to recognize the feelings of others and respond appropriately.
  • Teasing and Name Calling - We will learn the meaning of the phrase "verbal violence" and discuss how hurtful name calling can be. We will view a movie entitled "Names Will Never Hurt Me" about a student who is being teased, and discuss what to do if we experience this or if we see someone being treated this way.

If you have any questions about the above materials, or other concerns that I might be of help with, please contact me.

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